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At Metro-Lift Cranes, we offer versatile and cost-effective mobile crane hire throughout South Queensland.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of customers, and our knowledgeable team can advise you on the best equipment for your particular project.

Whether you need to "pick and carry" or "slew" your item into position, we have the fleet range.

Mobile Crane Services

We provide a range of services that extends beyond the lift itself.  Our supervisors have years of industry experience and can, at your request or based on the complexity of the task, attend the site prior to the lift in order to:

  • Assess the site
  • Quote the job
  • Identify the appropriate plant and associated equipment, personnel and paperwork
  • Develop and approve a Job Plan

Once the quote has been provided (in writing or verbally) and the job agreed upon, we will schedule the job and follow through on all associated paperwork and requirements to ensure the work is completed to schedule. 

Our equipment includes:

  • Spreader bars,
  • Brick and block cages
  • Man cages
  • Materials handling cages
  • Slings

Our team can also handle pretty much everything else from arranging any associated permits to organising road closures and traffic controls.

  • At Metro-Lift, all our crane operators are trained to the very highest standard and are regularly reviewed and refreshed to mobile crane operating standards.  We also ensure our riggers / dogman maintain and refresh their qualifications to a Class 1 and 2 level.
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We supply cranes ranging from 12T to 280T for wet or dry hire.

Our cranes are generally used to support the loading of materials on and off transport vehicles, for lift and/or shifting of  materials on housing and constructions sites and for the movement of machinery and marine (boats) equipment.  We can be called to attend an emergency recovery or a plan lift and shift activity.  On any occasion, we maintain a fleet of cranes across a range of sizes to service your needs.

> Crawler Crane (280T)

> Pick and Carry Cranes:

  • 15T Franna (AT15)
  • 20T Franna (AT20)
  • 25T Franna (MAC25)

> Hydraulic Slew Cranes::

  • 12T Tadano (GR120)
  • 30T Tadano (TL300E)
  • 45T Liebherr (LTM1045-3.1)
  • 55T Liebherr (LTM155-3.2)
  • 90T Liebherr (LTM1090-4 and LTM1090-4.1)
  • 100T Liebherr (LTM1100-5.2)
Phone (07) 3131 0101  for more information about our crane hire services in Queensland.
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